Thursday, October 1, 2015

From Diva to Badass - get Rihanna's look from head to toe for pennies!

   Hi guys! It's time for my second post and this time I would like it to be not just fun and informative, but also useful. Not sure if there is a better way to start this article other than with the words "I love Rihanna". Is there someone out there who doesn't? I mean common, the girl has everything - the look, the talent and the attitude.
   Honestly, my love for Rihanna did not begin with her music, but with her style. Living in California, I felt that her Barbados-island-casual (and crazy) fashion sense will blend in perfectly with the land of endless sunshine. So, here I am wearing "Rihanna style" all day every day.
   There is only one problem though. If you are into celebrity clothing, I assume you know how much those famous brand pieces are selling for. My mission today is to share with you my favorite Ri Ri looks and match them with much cheaper (yet still quality) brands that any of us can afford! How awesome is that?

1. Look number one. I love the teal skirt and the entire outfit looks easy-breezy. Perfect for a date night!

Necklace: 22.40$
Shirt: 17.99$
2. Look number two. A combination of something that can not be combined, but looks amazing! 100% Ri's style.
High waisted pants: 25.00$
Long jacket: 29.99$
Bracelet: 23.00$
Bandeau top: 7.00$

  3. Look number three. And last, but not least - everyone's favorite look from Grammys
Ring 1: 12.80$
Ring 2: 19.90$
   I really hope you find this post helpful. Shine bright like a diamond, ladies! More to come.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

From chic to casual to sexy - NYWF2015 street style, my personal favorites

   Hey, guys! My name is Jessica and I am an owner, CEO and a mastermind of an online jewelry store. And as you can guess, someone who owns a jewelry store simply has to be obsessed with fashion.
  I was really planning to write my first post about New York Fashion Week 2015 that just ended. But it's super boring, isn't it? Been there, done that. We've already checked all the pictures, discussed all the crazy designs, "felt sorry" for the models who fell off the runway (kisses to Candice). So here I am, writing this post not about the runway shows, but about the main fashion show that was happening, a street style one. I've chosen three favorite (and completely different) looks and hope to hear your opinion on them.

1. So, we will start with the chic style (since it's my first post and you don't know me, I'm letting you know - this is my style 90% of the time). Skinny jeans + pumps = class that never goes out of style. But the winner right here is that blazer... OMG! I am seeing it in my dreams now. I love simple hair and even a pop-of-color clutch (even thought purple is not my favorite color), but works great in here!

Chic Look
2. My best comfy look goes to this lady. Leather pants are so hot (in both ways) this season and a simple asymmetric shirt is just perfection (there is something with me and white color nowadays). Love messy hair, love fresh make up, obsessed with the bag - FINALLY we can fit everything in a stylish bag!
Casual Look
3. I've noticed, that when summer comes to an end, we girls tend to wear super-ultra-mini skirts, maybe that's because we don't want to say goodbye to an endless summer fun? My post wouldn't be completed without a sexy look. And you know, it's not that easy to find these days. Everyone seems to look edgy, cool, stylish, but not sexy in its old-fashioned feminine way. I loved this girl's outfit for bright colors and ethnic motives. Honestly, I cropped the shoes (these were massive wedges in there and I didn't care for them at all).
Sexy look
And at that end I would like to suggest you a few cool accessories that I've noticed a lot on the streets on New York this season. They are already available for sale on my website, so go ahead and check them out!